Loving Groku Cotton Woven 50cm


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Please note this design is precut for 50cm of Cotton Woven Loving Groku only.

Please go back to the Retail page for other designs or bases.

Please feel free to contact us if you require assistance.

Cotton Woven 100% Cotton 150GSM 145CM WOF

Flaws and Imperfections

We endeavour to provide our customers with a high quality product. This means we will inspect your fabric to the best of our ability so that we are able to ensure we provide you with the best quality fabric availiable.

Please note due to the nature of Custom fabrics, some flaws may sometimes occur. Any minor flaw that is less that 1 Inch that will not impact the appearance entirety will not be discounted or refunded due to the remaining fabric being usable.

Colour & Weight Variations

It can also be common with custom fabrics that are digitally printed to be subjected to the industrys standard of 10-15% variation in the colour and weight. This means colour and weight variations should be expected.

** This can also be very important when a design is re-run**

Screen Viewing

As we all have different screen options , actual colours may vary, we do our best to represent the true colour of our designs to the best of our ability.


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